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As a photographer, he has it all: From crafting in-studio or off-site photo shoots, scouting photo
locations, or dialing-in a wide swath of technical attributes for each unique project, Chris can always be counted on to take the lead and deliver beyond expectations. He is comfortable imparting his ideas while always staying true to the mission at hand.

Similarly, his design chops never cease to impress. With a natural eye for form and composition, Chris amazes me with his seemingly limitless ability to master any new software and tools across photo manipulation, animation, videography and digital interfaces.

Most importantly, it is Chris’s enthusiasm and contagious personality that set him apart. He truly makes it fun to work alongside him, always eager to rebound ideas and keep the job-at-hand light and rolling along. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to work on the next project with Chris.

Finally, I am proud of the accomplishments and the body of work that Chris has steadily built, but I am even more proud to call him my friend.

Warm regards,
Tony Larson - Visual Artist

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